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you’re definitely in a class all your own!
Gerald Moffit – New York
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Woodworking Artist Johnny {J W} Morlan
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Woodturners Exotic Wood Pen Blanks
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Embossed Solid 14 Karat Gold Banded Andiroba Wood Jewelry Box
Custom Made Walnut Wood & Holly Wood Record Christmas Mantel Stocking Holder
Cocobolo Rosewood Reversible Desktop Business Card Holder
Andiroba Gold Banded JB CVT.jpg – 27.61 kbWalnut Hollywood CSRH Custom Made T.jpg – 24.82 kbCocobolo Rosewood Reversible DBCH F T.jpg – 20.92 kb

Custom Made Thuyawood Burl Desk Set
Bethlehem Jerusalem Holy Land Olivewood Religious Cross
Chechem Wood Cigar Humidor
Thuyawood Burl Custom Made DS T.jpg – 22.37 kbBethlehem Olivewood Cross T.jpg – 21.62 kbChechem CH FT T.jpg – 26.91 kb
Morado Wood Desktop Business Card Holder
Tarara Canarywood Standard Letter Opener & Pen Set
Honey Locust Wood Desktop Business Card & Pen Holder
Morado DBCH T.jpg – 23.77 kbTarara Canarywood LOP Set T.jpg – 18.19 kbHoney Locust DBCPH T.jpg – 24.91 kb

Walnut Wood 17 Pen Collector’s Showcase
Americana Series Letter Openers, Wood Species From Left To Right
Katalox Wood, Sirari Wood, Rimu Wood, Purpleheart Wood,
Tarara Colorado Wood, Indonesian Rosewood, Bayo Wood, Teak Wood
Cherry Wood Quadruplet Desktop Business Card Holder
Walnut 17 PCSC SBO T.jpg – 20.96 kbAmericana Letter Openers T.jpg – 26.68 kbCherry Quadruplet DBCH BP E T.jpg – 22.93 kb
J W Photo 2.jpg – 24.49 kb
His Short Biography Is Featured In The
2001-2002 Edition Of International Who’s Who Of Entrepreneurs.
Some Of His Artworks Are Registered With
National Fine Arts Registry Logo T.jpg – 15.87 kb
National Fine Arts Registry Logo B.jpg – 11.35 kb
Five Star Reviews Magazine’s,
Review/Write Up Of J W Morlan’s Unique Wood Gifts,
That Is Featured In Their January, 2005 Issue
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Exquisite taste. Beautiful craftsmanship. A continual quest for excellence. These three elements combine to make J.W. Morlan’s Unique Wood Gifts ( one of the finest purveyors of individually-made solid wood items in the world.

Five Star Reviews Magazine Logo.gif – 11.19 kb
He Was A Celebrity Gift Bag Participate, For The 16Th Annual American Century Celebrity Golf Championship, July 12 – 17, 2005 At The Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. 100 Gift Bags Were Given To Current & Former Professional Athletes & Entertainers.

International Artists & Artisans Specialized Art
Art Space 2005-06 Award Logo.gif – 6.49 kb
His Shop {Studio} Location Is,
11804 University Avenue, Unit EE
Lubbock, Texas
Shop Studio Front.jpg – 176.14 kb
Morlan Wood Gifts Shop Studio Door Sign.jpg – 102.51 kb
Johnny’s Shop {Studio} Is Not Always This Clean, But It Is Always Neat & Orderly!
He Just Started Building His New Dual Compound Power Miter Saw Table Cabinet. It Is 98 1/2 Inches Long x 50 1/2 Inches Wide & When Finished, Fully Loaded It Will Probably Weigh In Excess Of 1000 Pounds.

{Shop Studio} North Wall
Shop Studio N Wall.jpg – 226.31 kb
Shop Studio} South Wall
Shop Studio S Wall.jpg – 118.78 kb
Shop Studio} East Wall
Shop Studio E Wall.jpg – 236.83 kb
Shop Studio} West Wall
Shop Studio W Wall.jpg – 226.55 kb
{Shop Studio} NW Corner
Shop Studio NW Corner.jpg – 229.39 kb
{Shop Studio} SE Corner
Shop Studio SE Corner.jpg – 128.31 kb
{Shop Studio} SW Corner
Shop Studio SW Corner.jpg – 227.75 kb
{Shop Studio} S & W Wall Corner
Shop Studio S & W Wall Corner.jpg – 138.46 kb
“Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise,
risking more than others think is safe,
dreaming more than others think is practical
and expecting more than others think is possible.”
Mac Anderson
Photos of some of his tables and cabinets are featured below. Most of them have geometrical designs routed on them with a jig, which he designed and built. {a single design can take him as many as 30 separate cuts with the router to create}.

Don’t be startled; some of the most admired, compelling and inspiring wood pieces that are exhibited in museums and galleries were created in far less space and with far less tools than Mr. Morlan has!

Some of Johnny’s creations have been bought by or given as presents to professional people, foreign dignitaries of state, celebrities and even the President and the First Lady of the United States.

It is no secret that for 23 years Johnny’s shop studio was 405 square foot or smaller in size, {new shop studio is 750 square foot}. All of his tools are average priced. Even with the shops the size they were, he still built small wine, humidor and stereo cabinets. Johnny takes great pleasure in showing and teaching hobbyist woodworkers that have a one-car garage or basement work area how to produce heirloom pieces with an minimal investment cost.

You see Johnny lives and teaches that the size of a persons shop, the finest tools that money can buy and the best raw materials that one starts with do not most of the time produce quality, fine craftsmanship or help in creating or making wooden items. What does though, is passion {not love}, heart, soul, ingenuity and a lot of homemade jigs.

He keeps about 500 board foot of lumber in the shop, the rest has always been stored in a small shed. The radial arm saw cabinet/table is the largest he has {30″ wide x 96″ long}. He says he could get by with one third the length it is now as far as cutting lumber goes. It does have an awfully large amount of storage space though. All the cabinets, benches and tables were also built in this space or smaller and with far less tools than are pictured below. Everything has its place. Lots of cabinet space to store all his hand tools, hand power tools, stationary & hand power tool accessories and homemade jigs.

He designed and built all the cabinets, benches, tables and jigs in his shop. The jigs take the danger out of most of the procedures, operations and steps that Johnny utilizes in the building process of his creations. Some of the aforementioned items were built as much as 23 years ago. They were all built with economical materials that anyone can obtain, such as 2×4 studs, construction grade lumber, CDX plywood, particle board, MDF board, standard and tempered masonite. He has painted these items with a durable paint as it is easier to keep everything looking neat and clean and is cosmetically easier to repair.

As stated previously, all of his tools are average priced; however to keep the sharpening down to a bare minimum his saw blades, planer blades and router bits are {C4 or C5} grade carbide. His woodturning tools are APS series steel rated 2060 and other hand cutting tools are {Rockwell Hardness Scale 60-70} high-speed tool steel. Johnny also sharpens the blades, hand cutting tools, etcetera when needed as some are ground at special angles for maximum efficiency and to help him in producing quality easier.

Dust is controlled with a Shop vacuum and simple dust port attachments that either came with the machines or were designed and built by him. Safety precautions are also taken by utilization of a high quality respirator mask, ear plugs and safety glasses.

There are alot of motivational and philosophical proverbs hanging on the walls of his studio. He lives and teaches them. He loves teaching people who like and are interested in woodworking the true {art} of woodworking!

Below is one of his own sayings that he teaches:
“The size of a persons shop, the finest tools that money can buy and the best raw materials that one starts with do not most of the time produce quality, fine craftsmanship, works of art or help in creating or making wooden items. What does though, is passion {not love}, heart, soul, ingenuity and a lot of homemade jigs!” Johnny W Morlan

Johnny has taught his oldest son Jeremy the true art of woodworking! At the age of 16, his Quilted Maple Jewelry Box {below} was awarded a First Place Trophy and Blue Ribbons.

The black and red inlays are made from Gabon Ebony and Satine {Bloodwood}. The inside of the lid has a mirror inlaid into it. The box bottom and removable tray bottom are lined with Black Crushed Velvet. Some of his other pieces have also earned Trophies and Blue Ribbons, for their craftsmanship.

Jeremys Quilted Maple Jewelry Box.jpg – 100.43 kb
Below photo is his Router Table, it weighs over 400 pounds. It is loaded with features such as a Router Bit Lazy Susan Drawer. The top is 24″ x 48″ x 1 1/2″ thick. The router plate came with 4 different size diameter insert plates. He has taken another 18 or so blank plates and drilled different sized holes in them so that virtually any bit he uses goes through one of the plates with zero clearance. It is featured in the Handyman Club of America magazine, Handy Works Section, November 97 issue.

Router Table.jpg – 163.07 kb
Below photo is his Router Bit Lazy Susan Drawer. The Lazy Susan is 15″ in diameter and holds 91 bits, {60 – 1/2″ shank and 31 – 1/4″ shank}. The drawer bottom will hold another 12 – 1/2″ shank bits bringing the total to 103 for the whole drawer. The drawer is featured in the Handyman Club of America magazine, Tips Section, January 98 issue.

Router Bit Lazy Susan Drawer.jpg – 160.78 kb
Below photo, is his 4 In 1 Tool Table Cabinet. The top has his 10″ Bench Top Table Saw, 4″ Bench Top Planer/Joiner, Stained Glass Cutting Bench Top Bandsaw and Bench Top Stained Glass Grinder. The left bottom part of the cabinet has a Lazy Susan Turntable that he stores 4 Power Hand Tools on.

4 In 1 Tool Table Cabinet.jpg – 136.78 kb
Below photo, is his Sanding Accessory File Drawer.

Sandpaper File Drawer.jpg – 129.50 kb
Below photo, is his 4 Drawer Mini Lathe Cabinet Table. He designed and built a dust hood {not shown} with a dust port that a shop vacuum hose connects to. It also has compartments in the back to hold 8 inch or shorter pieces of turning block stock and wood.

Mini Lathe Cabinet Table.jpg -148.13 kb

Mini Lathe Table 4 Drawers.jpg -99.44 kb

Below photo, is his Radial Arm Saw Cabinet Table.

Radial Arm Saw Table Cabinet.jpg – 94.69 kb
Below photo is his Stained Glass Bin, Tool Box, 3 Door Cabinet and 4 Drawer Bin. The Tool Box is made from Sugar Pine and has 3 lift out trays. On the left, on the floor is his Stained Glass Bin. It has about 65 pieces of stained glass and the old glass patterns used in the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s. Some pieces are multi colored, having as many as 7 or 8 different colors.

Cabinets Bins Tool Box.JPG – 110.04 kb
Below photo is his bin that holds slats of wood, 1/2″ – 1″ wide x 1/8″ thick x 6″ long he uses for inlaying and to make earrings. There are 84 different species of wood in the bin.

Wood For Inlaying & Earrings Bin.JPG – 98.00 kb
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Walnut 6 Tray Coin Box {Holds 192 Coins}
Huntsville, Alabama

35 Mesquite Keepsake Boxes
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Bloodwood Darning Egg
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Walnut 5 Tier Silverware Chest
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bird’s Eye Maple 2 Tier Desktop Business Card Holder
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